North Mountain Spa Set

I’ve got some exciting news.

You can now find my washcloths and soap savers at North Mountain Apothecary!

I met the owner of North Mountain Apothecary, Keisha Burns, about four years ago at a local craft show where I was introduced to the Cherry Almond Body Whip. I have been hooked on this scent ever since and I can’t seem to make myself buy anything else. I love how soft her products make my hands feel. A good hand cream is vital when you are a crocheter. My fingers crack in the winter months due to the yarn and cold temperatures.

I wanted to give you guys a little insight so here is a little blurb on her Facebook Business page:

“We sell handmade goods, packed full with as many natural and local ingredients as we can. We proudly use veteran produced beeswax from WV Veteran Produced.”

I am so excited about the veteran produced beeswax because I am a hard core fan of WV Veteran Produced. Both my husband and I are veterans and we support them whenever we can. WV Veteran Produced is the only place I buy honey from since it’s locally produced here in WV and it helps my son with his allergies.

It was no surprise when I jumped at the opportunity when Keisha contacted me to see if I wanted to make some washcloths and soap savers to tell in her store. I couldn’t just crochet any washcloth pattern for her store and I couldn’t find a wash cloth and soap saver pattern that I liked and matched. After looking for about three days, I decided to create my own patterns just for her store. I will not be selling these in any other store. North Mountain Apothecary will be the only place you can find these available. So, without further ado…

Let me introduce the North Mountain Washcloth and North Mountain Soap Saver. These are made with 100% cotton yarn. I used five colors total: Ivory, Sage, Deep Turquoise, Burnt Sienna, and 14 Gold .

The washcloth is 9” X 10” which makes it ideal for not only washing your face but your entire body with it.

The soap saver is 4” X 6”. These are big enough to use with the larger bars of soap that you get from local crafters.

These can be washed with towels but the darker colors may bleed the first few times washing them. Follow the instructions below:

Care Instructions:

  • Machine Wash, Warm
  • Tumble Dry, Normal
  • Iron, Low
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Dry Clean, Any Solvent

If you would like to purchase the North Mountain Spa Set crochet pattern, you can find them at my Ravelry store by clicking the link below:

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