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    Knitting Machines are all the rage right now

    If you’re a yarn crafter, you know that these circular knitting machines are very popular right now. I believe it all started when Kaytedid86 on Tik Tok shared her Tik Tok beanie. Everyone wanted one and those things almost doubled in price over a matter of two weeks. They went from like $60 up to over $100. If you were lucky enough to get one ordered, it took about 8-12 weeks for delivery. Some people are still waiting for them. So, naturally, I had to have one. To be fair, I’ve been eyeing them for a few years now but it was her video that pushed me over the edge…

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    Velvet hair scrunchies.. and migraines.

    Hey everyone. I know it’s been a long while since you’ve seen me on here and I’m sorry for that. Things have been super busy with summer wrapping up and then school and co-op starting. I’m also having more migraines than normal lately. I’m trying real hard not to have to take my preventative meds again but we’ll see… I want to talk about crochet velvet hair scrunchies. I’m a little late getting on that band wagon because I just didn’t know if it was going to be something I wanted to make or if they even worked. Let me tell you, they work. And they’re pretty awesome if you…

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    Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn review

    Can we please talk about this yarn? This yarn is very quickly becoming one of my favorites. I know it’s been out for a while but it just arrived at my local Walmart and for a great price! Most craft stores are selling it for $5 but I was able to grab three of the Cotton Candy skeins for $3.47 each. Let’s talk about the specifics of this yarn. Brand: Lion Brand Collection: Ferris Wheel Content: 100% Acrylic Weight Category: 4 Weight: 3 oz Yards: 270 yds Knit gauge: 20 stitches with size 7 needles Crochet gauge: 14 stitches with H hook Recommended hook size: H Care: Machine wash and…

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    Willow Kimono

    I had the pleasure of working up a pattern for Denisse and I am so thrilled with how it turned out. The Willow Kimono is definitely rocking it! It’s is hands down in my top three favorites of mine to make. It’s light, airy, and hangs over your shoulders beautifully. You can wear it with anything. It’s perfect with long sleeves, short sleeves and even a tank top. First, I’d like to talk about the yarn I used for the Willow Kimono. I used the Yarn Bee Luxe Lollies. I’m sure you’ve heard some bad things about this yarn but it’s not all true. I did have a hard time…

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    Kaia Kimono

    I am so excited to show you guys this pattern. I tested it for Denimade and she did not disappoint on this one. But then, she NEVER disappoints. This pattern was a L/XL and took only 7 skeins of I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby. I also used an I and K hook, scissors and a needle. Oh, and a tape measure. So, what exactly is a Kimono? A kimono is a formal Japanese robe. It’s generally long and has wide sleeves and tied with a sash. There are so many varieties of kimonos out there now days and I feel like this one is perfect. Just look…

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    Spaghetti, in the pressure cooker?

    Everyone had one and if you didn’t, you probably got one this last Christmas. That’s me, I finally got a Power Cooker Pressure Cooker for Christmas. I was worried at first that it wasn’t any good because it wasn’t an Instant Pot but I am really pleased with my Power Cooker. So if you are worried about one over the other, it really comes down to the pot inside and a few settings. I even use Instant Pot recipes in my cooker with no problem all the time. So, I didn’t get a chance to try it until New Years Day and I made Black Eye Peas.¬† I have¬† made…