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    Luan the Owl…. a free crochet pattern

    This pattern is the perfect stash buster. It doesn’t take mush yarn at all and works up in less than 3 hours. Notes: Skill Level: Intermediate Finished size: Height: 6.5”, Width: 5.5” Materials: 4.5 mm hook Yarn; 3 colors: Color A, dark color for bottom; Color B, cream or brown for top; yellow for beak. 2 large buttons; 1 inch wide Yarn needle Scissors Fiberfill Abbreviations: CH: Chain SC: Single Crochet HDC: Half Double Crochet SL ST: Slip Stitch

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    WIP Wednesday

    A little bit of crocheting, a bit of co-op prepping and a whole lot of homeschooling…. That’s just a little bit of what’s going on in my house today. We started homeschool last Monday and are just getting into the routine and now we start co-op tomorrow. Our days are spent in the community room where both my son’s and my desk is at as well as some other stuff for my daughter. On a good day, this is what my desk looks like. I sit on the ball because it helps with my back. It’s a lot better than a chair in my opinion. You can see both schedules,…

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    Crochet Unicorns… A magic all their own!

    Unicorns are the most mystical and beautiful creatures and they are all the rage right now!! You can find them on everything from pillows, ear buds, make up brushes to cereal and unicorn meat 😳. Don’t believe me? Look it up! I promise there’s a photo out there of it. It’s not real but it’s still funny! Lol There’s a lot of buzz going around about the amazing Lavender unicorns from Stitch Witch Creations on FB so I thought I’d show you guys what I’ve made by her patterns. I started making her unicorns last year and they are so gorgeous and work up super easy. Ok, so let’s start…