• Mug Rugs…. a free crochet pattern

    I’m not sure where I’ve been but these mug rugs are absolutely adorable. They’re basically a coaster but bigger. I’ve checked around for a pattern but nothing really caught my attention. I made my own and decided to share it with everyone. I also decided to learn a new stitch, the herringbone half double crochet. This stitch is so pretty and I will be using this more in the future. I love the knot effect it leaves. You will need: An H hook Cotton yarn (I used I Love This Cotton in Curry) Tapestry needle Scissors Special stitches: FSC: Foundation Single Crochet. You can find out how to do the…

  • New Stitch #2

    The Loop Stitch! I’m sitting here at the mall food court waiting for my daughter to get done with her friends at the movies and I’ve realized two things. One, this mall is extremely full of teeny boppers just walking aimlessly around with their heads down playing on their phones. Two, I have not done my second new stitch post this month (Gasp!!). So, I’m going to continue sitting in this insanely uncomfortable seat and talk to you guys. The loop stitch was absolutely amazing. I have to say that it’s my all time favorite stitch. It’s so beautiful and has so much texture. My best friend, Beka, shared a…

  • A Year In Stitches

    I like to think that I’m an advanced crocheter. Wouldn’t you agree? I’ve crocheted cardigans, hats, cowls, amigurumis and so much more. But, I’m starting to realize that I don’t use that many stitches. That might be because I don’t make blankets. Blankets just take too long and I get bored. It took me 2.5 years to make my son’s blanket and it turned into an afghan. He was so happy when I told him it was finished that I was glad I didn’t make it it’s original size. I swore then that I’d never make another blanket. I’ve decided that I’m going to learn some new stitches this year,…

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