A Little Bit About Me!


Why Hello!!

Thank you so much for checking things out, reading my blog, and commenting. I really appreciate that you took the time to visit.

I started crocheting about 5 years ago. It started out with a wash cloth made with worsted weight yarn (gasp, I know!!!) and then I slowly graduated to a scarf that was so thick that it wouldn’t even tie around my neck.. Haha.. Fast forward about 4 years and I began my journey of selling my stuff. It all started with my infamous unicorns. I was making large unicorns, mini unicorns and cupcake unicorns. They are still my #1 seller to this day. About 4 months ago I started testing patterns for a few girls I know and it’s been the best adventure yet. And just today I took a deep deep plunge into the dark bottomless pit of the internet world and bought a website… Yes, I did! I was so nervous that I almost backed out. But if you know me, I always Go Big or Go Home!

So, I don’t just crochet. I am a mom and I have learned over the years how to be very crafty, hence, my blog name. I’m kind of a jack of all trades. If it can be done, then I may want to try it. Besides, there’s nothing like a kid coming up to you a 5 days before a Social Studies Fair Project is due to let you know that they need about $159 worth of stuff off Amazon and by then you know there’s no way it’ll get to you on time even with Amazon Prime. So, off to the craft store you go to grab some boards, paper, clay and paint to make three brains so you can paint them different colors to reflect different diseases. (BTW: we stayed up a good portion of the night and she got a 195/200) I love to make cards, I do not scrapbook though, and send them out in all of my packages. This was the first crafty thing I got into and it manifested into so much more. I also love to sew. I’ve been known to make amazing aprons. Cooking is another passion of mine. I love my bread machine, crock pot and pressure cooker so I am always trying new recipes. Another passion of mine is photography. I don’t do it as often as I used to but whether it’s my iPhone or my Nikon D7000, I am always taking a photo of something. And it’s usually five or six of the same thing to get the photo just right.

When the weather is warm, you can usually find me camped out with my trailer in some of the local parks. It’s so amazing to have the family together swimming all day and then lounging around the fire either reading or playing corn hole at night. We have s’mores every night and our favorite thing to eat on them is Peeps.. Thank goodness you can get them for any holiday now. I’m sure you’ll be reading about my adventures as soon as it warms up enough.

I hope to hear from you guys soon.