Pamela Scarf Crochet Pattern



This scarf is made for the warmer months. It’s not bulky and is the perfect accessory to a denim jacket, or any maxi dress. It has a collar that is open in the front so it allows more air flow. It’s also great for those who do not like things to hang tightly around their neck. The triangle is created from the top down. Then you reattach the yarn and work from the bottom up on the collar.

This is a one size fits most pattern. You can add an extra set of rows to it to make it wider and longer if you wish.
Approx yardage:
M-L : 400 yards
XL – 3X: 475 yards

Skill Level: Easy
All the stitches are pretty common and there is a details description for the one special stitch.

You can definitely sell your finished product but please try to give me credit when you can. A simple tag on social media is perfect.


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