North Mountain Spa Set Crochet Pattern



The North Mountain Spa Set is named after the local Apothecary that it was designed for. It’s a simple, yet elegant, and lightweight washcloth, soap saver and face scrub that is made with soft, 100% cotton yarn. It’s made up of very simple stitches into a design that’s perfect for spa vibes.

Items needed:

  • 5mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Smaller yarn needle
  • 4 weight cotton yarn

This PDF Features:

  • Pattern for North Mountain Washcloth, Soap Saver and XL Face Scrub
  • Stitch counts per row
  • Special stitch instructions

Skill level: Intermediate

The washcloth takes approx 90 yards of cotton yarn and the soap saves takes approx 60 yards of cotton. One skein of I Love This Cotton will make all 3 items.

You can definitely sell your finished product but please try to give me a shout out when you can. A simple tag on social media is perfect. You can find me here.

Do not sell, share or modify this pattern. If you would like to use this for educational purposes (crochet classes, etc..) please contact me and we can set up a one time fee for the use of my pattern. I teach myself so I am very understanding.


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