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A Fall Sale and Giveaway!

It’s almost Fall y’all!

September is here and that means we are now in the “ber” months, my favorite time of the year. Fall will officially be here in 20 days. That’s less than 3 weeks! I can now start getting ready to wear my jackets and all of my warmer items. And that means Christmas is coming and I can start getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year. BUT, this post is NOT about Christmas so I will not be talking about that. Instead, let’s talk about pumpkins, leaves falling, sweaters, ear warmers, hats, and things like that…

Fall is the best. I love the smell of apple pies, bread baking, wood burning, and the cold crisp air when you step outside.  We were on our way home from shoe shopping today and stopped at a small market. I was so surprised that they already had pumpkins and mums out for sale. And that’s when it really dawned on me that while I’m over here stuck in 90 degree weather, everyone else is getting ready for Fall. Walmart has the pumpkin spice and peppermint coffee creamer out, Starbucks has their famous Pumpkin coffee and our local grocery story now has pumpkin shaped donuts (which, btw, are delicious).


I can not let that happen. So, to kick off fall I am going to run two specials for TWO weeks only. Here’s the first one:

I am offering 10% off on these select items:

  • Sequoia Ridge Slouch Hat $19 Sale Price $17
  • Kerchief $15 Sale Price $13.50
  • Cowl & Ear Warmer set $30 Sale Price $27
  • His & Her Slippers set $30 Sale Price $27
  • Valentina Hat $19 Sale Price $17
  • Rhea Cowl $55 Sale Price $49

This sale will run from Sept 2, 2018 to Sept 16, 2018. Just contact me to place your order.

Now to the second and best special!


I am going to be making a Brooklyn Ear Warmer out of I Love This Yarn in 4002/Pasha color.

Here’s what you need to do to win this adorable ear warmer:

  1. Subscribe to my emails. It’s either on the right hand side of your pc or at the bottom of this post if on your phone. I promise I won’t sell your email to anyone or use them for any spam. You will only get an email when I make a post or send out a newsletter.
  2. Go to my FB page, Manda’s Crafty Corner,  share the post, then comment done on the post.

That’s it. The giveaway will end on Sept 16, 2018. That will give me enough time to get your ear warmer to you in time for fall. I will notify you through email (this is a good reason to subscribe to my emails) and I will announce it here and on FB for you guys to check your email.  Make sure you keep an eye out. I regret to say that I can not mail outside the US at this time.


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