Temperature Blankets

What are they and why you should make one.

Crochet temperature blankets seem to be all the rage right now and with good reason. It reflects the temperature you’ve had all year. The blanket is worked up daily/weekly and takes all year to make. The basic idea is to take the high or low temperature of the day (or week; you take the temp of each day, add them up and then divide them by seven) and crochet a row or two of any stitch you’d like.

I’ve been thinking and thinking about making one of these blankets off and on now for about a month. I have wanted to make one for the past few years but I am so horrible at commitments like this and I am even worse at crocheting blankets. Thankfully, this will be a year long project and won’t suck up all my attention at any given time. I put on my thinking cap and got down to business. Let’s see what we’ll need to make this blanket!

You will need the following items for this blanket:

  • Yarn in assorted colors
  • Needle
  • Crochet Hook ( I am using a I (maybe J) hook)


The colors you choose are totally up to you. Here are a few schemes I’ve found from some of the websites. I came up with a general color and then found the names on the websites. I did my temperature gauges in increments of 10 because our temperature goes from one extreme to the next here. You may want to alter yours to fit where you live.

If you use I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby:

  • 35 and below: White
  • 36-45: Mixed Berry
  • 46-55: Peacock
  • 56-65: Keylime
  • 66-75: Sungold
  • 76-85: Desert Glaze (Orange)
  • 86-95: Tropical Pink
  • 96 and above: Red

If you use Red Heart Super Saver:

  • 35 and below: White
  • 36-45: Dark Orchid
  • 46-55: Blue
  • 56-65: Paddy Green
  • 66-75: Bright Yellow
  • 76-85: Flame (Orange)
  • 86-95: Pretty N Pink
  • 96 and above: Hot Red

You can also add in extras for special days and holidays. I am doing a special stitch for days like my anniversary, a family birthday, things like that. I’ll just use it for the weekly stitch. For those of you who want to do daily, you can double strand the days you have snow, ice or rain. You can use light pink for snow, light blue for ice, and light green for rain. It’s totally up to you.


You can use any stitch you’d like but please keep in mind that if you choose to do the daily stitch then you will be making 365 rows on your blanket. IT’S GOING TO BE HUGE!!! SO HUGE! You will want to either slip stitch or sc and maybe even want to do a 1/2 row per day. That’ll cut the rows in half to 182.5 rows at least. See what I’m saying? It’s gonna be big.

I plan to use a v-stitch or moss stitch for mine since I am doing it weekly. I’ll probably do two rows of v-stitch per week. Another thought is that you can also use granny squares. You can do 1 a month and then work up about 50 stitches per row. If I’ve done my calculations right then my blanket will be about 45″x45″. That’s if I use the v-stitch and I hook. I may use a J hook and that will affect the size some.

I really hope you guys decide to make one of these with me. I have a FB group, Manda’s Crafty Corner Group, that’s just starting out and would love for you to come join me so we can cheer each other on with this blanket. Let me know what your thoughts are on this down below also.

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