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Homeschool, snow days… and stuff!!!!

We’ve been having issues with my son’s school since  the beginning of the year. We had so many problems with them when our daughter was there we knew it was a terrible school. The Principal is lazy and the Vice Principal is a nasty man. We had even tried to transfer schools at the beginning of the year and the principals wouldn’t let me. After several missing grades (both my kid and teachers fault), many phone calls, very few call backs and tousands of tears, I decided to go to a Intro Into Homeschooling meeting last Friday. I loved it. The homeschool vibe is so welcoming. I went to a Mom support group for homeschooling on Sunday night and on Monday I pulled me son out of the public school system. I had problems doing it also. The school didn’t want anything to do with it. The secretary was on her last day and I had to tell her what to do step by step. She wouldn’t even take my Notice of Intent letter. There was a lot of eye rolling and attitude with her. Then, I went to the Dept of Attendance and that lady, Lora, was so nice. She got us all set up and within a matter of minutes we were on our way to a new journey and we couldn’t be happier. I’m sure we’ll run into some obstacles but I’m ready. I am ready to teach my kid what the school system failed to do! We only pulled our son out of school though. We are keeping our daughter in public school since she is thriving. She’s in four honor classes and has her group of friends that she hangs out with. Every child is different and needs different ways of learning.

So, I was all ready to start homeschooling on Tuesday and then it snowed.. and snowed…. and snowed. Since I have decided to run my son’s days with my daughter’s school days, they’ve been out since Tuesday. And now there’s a two hour delay tomorrow. We will get on track on Monday for sure.

The past three days have been insane. I’ve shoveled snow three times, we celebrated Caleb’s birthday, and I managed to crochet a few things.  The main thing I created was a bunch of little chickies.


I made 7 to sell and have three left.

I even made one for my niece in her favorite color.

I also made a few pocket tissue holders. If you look outside you’d never guess that it’s Spring. But it is!!! And with Spring comes allergies. Stuffy noses, runny noses, watery eyes, a cough. The pocket tissue holders are a very cute way to hold your tissues.

The holders will keep you from crushing your tissue pack and allow you to find it easier in your bag. And another plus is that it won’t be so noisy when your kiddos just have to have a tissue when you’re sitting in church. It never fails, it happens every single Sunday. And with both kids!!




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