Dragon Wing Shawl

I found a beautiful pattern for the Dragon Wing Shawl over on YouTube. It’s done by Fiber Spider but, unfortunately, he does not have a written pattern. I thought I would help some of you out with that.

I am not writing out the whole pattern so you will need to go check out his video HERE. That is where you’ll get most of your info.

The Dragon Wing Shawl is a big repeat of itself and worked in segments. You’ll start to see it on Row 3. The repeats are below in two parts.

On one side of shawl you are increasing. You put 2 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc and 1 dc into the last four stitches. Remember that the Ch 3 at the beginning counts as a stitch. When you flip your project you Ch 3 (which is one stitch), 2 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc. That is your increase in the first four stitches. You will flip flop it depending on which side you are working on.

On the other side, you’re skipping a stitch. If you are working towards your increase side you will be starting with a Ch 3. Remember that it counts as a stitch? Then you put 1 dc in the next stitch. Ch 1, skip a stitch and then dc across until you get to your increase stitches. If you’re working from your increase stitches, you dc across until you get to your chain space. Ch 1, skip a stitch and then add two dc in the last two stitches.

Once you have done five rows, you’ll start on the last row of your segment. On row six you will be putting a dc stitch into the chain space from row five. That is the only difference. You’ll still increase at the other end.

Now you start a new segment. You will start your segments by increasing in the first four stitches. You’ll continue to dc until you are NINE STITCHES TO THE END. This one always got me. I put a stitch marker in it so I knew when to stop. That’s when you Ch 1, skip a stitch, and then add 2 more dc.

You’ll now just continue the pattern until you have it where you want it. I used Premier Sweet Roll in the Frosty Swirl color for mine. I made it 11 segments long and used 377 yards of yarn.

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