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Quarantine Day: 4,673……

Can you believe it’s only been TWO MONTHS since this whole “quarantine”, “lockdown”, “shutdown”, “social distancing”, business started? Crazy, isn’t it? It just all seems so surreal at times. In March, Gwyneth Paltrow said that we need to take this enforced isolation and turn it into an opportunity to write a book, learn how to play an instrunment, or learn a new language perhaps. HMM….. I’m not sure I’m that ambitious. But, many people have stepped up and made the most of this and I’m proud of those people. My friend, Beka, is a Librarian and is reading children’s books every on FB. They’re so adorable. I have so much love for her. She inspired me to be better.

So, here’s an update on my life during this Covid-19 pandemic.

First, I started to teach my kids how to crochet. I started the class out just like I would any of my other classes, except, you know it didn’t go like that since they’re my own children. A lot of jokes and cuttin’ up went on. Hahahaha. Lesson one really did go great.

Then life got a bit busy here and we didn’t get to lesson two quick enough. That’s when I noticed who was interested and who wasn’t. Kels, my daughter, loved it and immediately went to You-Tube to learn more. She’s made flowers, wash cloths and a large loofah. She has even bought her own set of crochet hooks.

The huge loofah Kels made.

My son, Caleb, didn’t give it another thought. It’s ok though. I’ll snatch him up here one day soon and make him learn lesson two. But he did help me make our new heating pads. He even used the sewing machine.

Caleb sewing his heating pad together.

Then, I started making bread again. I know, how cliche! But, I found a really great recipe that makes a bunch at once so you aren’t making bread daily. And it’s delicious.

All of this came from one batch of dough. 😳

But that isn’t the best part. I started a sourdough started. Yes, I did. It consumed my life for about three weeks (I even bought a $11 ebook) and I made all kinds of things with it but only made two loaves of bread. I think I’m just too scared to do anything else with it. But I’ve got a killer starter.

My starter has many bubbles and even exploded. I’ve made a round loaf and rolls with it.

I’ve managed to cut everyone’s hair at one point or another. And that includes my own. I shaved the back of it so it wasn’t so hot and sweaty. I didn’t actually shave it, my husband did. He did a great job with it and needs to do it again soon.

We have even had four coloring contests. Each of us colored the same sheet and I post them to FB and then people vote on them. Kels has one every time. It’s not really surprising though since she’s the artsy one in the family. She does the ombre coloring and all that fancy shading. It’s pretty but it also causes my son and I to lose every single time.

That’s just about all we’ve done. There are a few other major projects we are working on but I feel like they need their own post so those will be coming later.

Now that you guys have seen what I’ve been up to, I’d love to see what you’ve been up to. Leave a reply below to let me know.

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