Brooklyn Fingerless Gloves… Do you like them?

As some of you know already, I am a pattern tester for some of the gals on FB. There’s one in particular that I love testing for, Denisse Sharpe. You can find her over on Facebook at DeniMade. 

I had the pleasure of working up her Brooklyn Fingerless Gloves over the weekend and let me tell you… THEY ARE AMAZING! I don’t usually care for fingerless gloves but these are so awesome that I have worn them all weekend.  The gloves are part of her Brooklyn collection. She’s got the a beanie, slouch hat, messy bun hat, ear warmers, cowl, and now the gloves.  

Check them out 🙂


 And can we just sit here and appreciate this yarn for a moment? I mean, it’s perfect for this pattern. I got it at Hobby Lobby and it’s I Love This Yarn in Painted Canyon. This pattern (the gloves) only took me one skein. I think I’ve used four skeins total on the ear warmer, cowl and gloves. 

If you enjoyed this post and would like to save it please consider pinning it on Pinterest. If you would like me purchase a set of these simply contact me and  we can chat. If you’d like to make them yourself you can find the pattern on Ravelry .

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