A Work in Progress Chart: A Crocheter’s Best Friend

If you’re a crocheter, you know the struggle of keeping track of rows on larger projects. It can be tedious and frustrating to count over and over again, trying to remember where you left off.

That’s where a work in progress chart comes in handy! This simple tool can help you keep track of your rows and make your crocheting experience much more enjoyable.

What is a Work in Progress Chart?

A work in progress chart is essentially a grid or table that you fill in as you go along with your crochet project. Each row gets a box or cell in the chart, and you simply fill in the corresponding box with the number of the row you just completed.

Some crocheters prefer to color code their charts or use symbols to represent different stitches. This can make it easier to read the chart and keep track of your progress.

Why Use a Work in Progress Chart?

There are several benefits to using a work in progress chart:

  • Keeps track of rows
  • Makes it easy to pick up where you left off
  • Reduces the risks of making mistakes or skipping rows
  • Helps you stay organized

Introducing: WIP Chart

My WIP Chart has a spot for Project name, Yarn, and Hook Size. I’ve also got 100 skeins of yarn that you can check off as you work on your project. Have more than 100 rows or more than one section of a pattern? You can check off the left side of the skein for one section and then the right side for the next section. You can also color code the sections and mark them off as you go that way.

My WIP Chart comes in both Rainbow and Printer Friendly Form. You will get 8 files in a zipped folder when you buy the chart. You will get a JPEG and PDF of both the Rainbow and Printer Friendly Chart in both one chart and double chart on 8×11 inch file.

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