My workspace, why is it so cold, and a pattern sale.

Today I’m spending the day outside on my deck getting inventory done for the store this weekend. It’s WV Fest so I’m working on a few WV themed items and then some. I may live in a suburban area but sometimes you would never know. I’ve got a pond, trees, squirrels, bunnies, geese, and the occasional snake, skunk and coyote out back.

But it’s taking all I have not to go in and grab a blanket for my legs. I can not believe it’s almost the middle of June and I’m sitting on my back deck in a long sleeve shirt and Cuddle Duds and it’s still almost too cold for me. It’s like it’s Sept and almost about to turn cold. So that got me to thinking… How many of us are starting to prep for Fall and the holidays. You know what I mean; pumpkins, hats, shawls, and reindeer amigurumi. I know I should be but I’m not. I do have a plan though and will be starting on all those amazing things next week.

In the meantime, this cooler weather has me in the mood to throw a flash sale on my Airish Pocket Shawl. It’s perfect for this kind of weather. It’s heavy enough that it takes the chill off but the stitching isn’t tight enough to keep all the air out.

From now until the end of the day tomorrow, June 11th, you can grab it for 50% off. You can find it in two places:


My website shop:


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