It’s the End of the Year

Can you believe that 2022 is over in five days? I’m not sure what happened this year but it seems like I didn’t get much accomplished. I do know that my business was put on the back burner and it suffered A LOT. I got involved into a few homeschool related things and it was a bit of an adjustment trying to get things situated. But, things have fallen into place and next year is going to be great.

Over the last few months, I have been setting myself up for a very successful year for 2023. I joined a few local social collective groups and got into contact with a Lizette Pierce, owner of Bushtail Creek Unique Gifts. She owns a home and garden destination surrounded by nature. They offer shopping, a flower cut garden, visitor dog zone, walking trails, and so much more. She even specializes in bats. I immediately signed up for her two events next year. You can find me there on June 24th, 2023 from 12-5 pm at the Bushtail’s Summerfest. And again on November 4, 2023 from 12-5 at the Bushtail’s Fallfest.

Then I took a huge leap and applied for a few events that have a juried application. I was accepted to both of them and can not be any more excited than I already am. So, you can find me at the Shepherdstown Easter Market on April 8th, 2023 from 12-6 pm at the War Memorial Building in Shepherdstown. You can also find me at the Blue Ridge Arts & Crafts Festival: Spring Fest on May 6, 2023 starting at 11 am.

I also will have one more event but that date has not been announced yet. I have always and will forever participate in the Bedington Fire Department Holiday Market so that will be my fifth and final event for the year.

Now it’s time to talk preparation. I’m going to bring you guys with me on my journey and will be updating you guys ever so often. The last few days, I’ve updated my Pinterest boards with newly fresh ideas and have begun my Easter prep. This week I am making mini Easter Cups and some mini mushrooms. You guys have to see these cups. They are so adorable! You can give them to anyone and everyone you know. The basket is 3×4 inches, making it perfect for a handful of candy.

Pattern: Bunny Cups by Repeat Crafter Me

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