Reusable Crochet Water Balloons

These have been around for a few years now but I never got on the bandwagon, until now… AND I’M LOVING THEM!

I know everyone loves a good water balloon fight, right? But how many of you love spending an hour filling 50 balloons then running through them in two minutes just to spend a week picking up all the balloon remnants off the ground? Yeah, me neither and let’s not mention having to tie those bad boys!!! Pure torture! I break at least two nails and have one good blister when I’m done.

Well, not any more! I found an amazing tutorial on reusable crochet water balloons from Left In Knots. I did alter the pattern a bit though. I used a L hook instead of a M/N hook. I also left out row 4 to make the balloon shorter. But they’re still pretty big.

Ok, so, you don’t have to fill these balloons up. You just soak them in a bucket of water for a bit and then they are good to throw. They soak up a ton of water so you will want to have a bucket of water for each kid. And the best thing is that you can use the balloons OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Just pick them up and drop them in a bucket. When you’re done, pick them up, ring them out, throw them in the mesh bag and wash them.

Don’t these look like a lot of fun? Everyone needs a set of these! These would make a fantastic gift for any kid! They’re reusable, fun to play with and a GREAT way to keep cool during the hot summer months. They provide hours of fun for the kids. They make a game of catch really fun.


Make sure you pin this so you can keep it for later. If you’re interested in purchasing a set, check out my products page.

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