Mother’s Day surprises…. Laughter and tears were involved.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day this past Sunday. My day was fantastic and I was spoiled by my family.

Many of you know that my son has had a really rough time the past few years in school and I pulled him out in March to homeschool. I had a rough day last week and it took a village to help me through it. Saturday night my son sat down to make me Mother’s Day card and said I was going to LOVE it. If anyone knows him, he is so full of jokes and pranks that I couldn’t even imagine what he came up with when he told me it was going to be my favorite. This is what I was given Sunday morning.

The tears began flowing. This card is incredible.

We have been studying the first 18 elements in the Periodic Table and I believe he’s learning a few things. Since Happy Mother’s Day has 15 letters in it he drew the atom for phosphorus and so on…. He even remembered the 2-8-8 rule for the first 18 elements as well. Just in case you can’t hear it, my heart is singing with so much joy. It was amazing.

Now let me tell you about my crazy daughter. She is a ball of crazy. I knew I was getting a new Cricut Air 2 for Mother’s Day. I had sold my old one to put towards the new one. It was a done deal but NO ONE wanted to admit it. Haha. For FIVE days they joked and told me I wasn’t getting one. Then, on Sunday morning I get this card….

She actually had cricket sounds playing on her phone in the background. Haha. I thought, yes!!! My Cricut.

And I open my box and this is what’s in it…

All of her books and folders… Not cool kid. Oh, but wait. It gets better. A LOT better. I got this card in the box.

Now they’re just tormenting me. I just sat there and looked at them. And looked. And asked them where it was hidden. Caleb got up and went to the kitchen where he pulled it out from under the table. Yay!! I got my cricut. I am so excited. I have been on such a journey with this machine already. It won’t work on my computer so I’m currently using my IPad. We are taking the computer to our IT guy today to get an upgrade to Windows 10. I can only imagine how that’s going to go. I’ve spent a good part of the last few days playing with my Cricut that my crochet time has been cut in half. But no worries, I drew up a schedule plan for myself and I’m back on track today. Woohoo for schedules. I made my mom a cup for Mother’s Day and a card for my dad for Father’s Day and a set of birthday cards. Our kids call mom Amaw so this cup is all about her. My dad loves to go fishing so this cards is perfect for him. I love the BIRTHDAY word on this card so much I paid for it. I will be using it a lot.

The Thinking of you card is the first card I made with my Cricut. I love it so much that I may not send it out.

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