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Kaia Kimono

I am so excited to show you guys this pattern. I tested it for Denimade and she did not disappoint on this one. But then, she NEVER disappoints. This pattern was a L/XL and took only 7 skeins of I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby. I also used an I and K hook, scissors and a needle. Oh, and a tape measure.

So, what exactly is a Kimono?

A kimono is a formal Japanese robe. It’s generally long and has wide sleeves and tied with a sash. There are so many varieties of kimonos out there now days and I feel like this one is perfect.

Just look at this! Doesn’t it look so comfy? Let me tell you, it is. And it flows so smoothly when you walk. It even stays on your chest and doesn’t fall off to the side.

The Kaia Kimono is made with cotton yarn and loose stitches so it’s very light and airy making it perfect for summer. It adds to any outfit during the day and keeps the chill off that the nights might bring. You can even wear it as a cover up for your bathing suit. I made mine this color specifically because it’ll match my bathing suit. It doesn’t have a sash but you can most definitely make one to go with it. I love it just the way it is though so I won’t be adding one. I feel the stitching is absolutely perfect on this and I wouldn’t want to bunch it up by tying it together.

This kimono is 29 inches wide and 35 inches long, not including the fringe. I did find out that I crochet my stitches a bit longer than most do so my kimono was five inches longer than everyone else’s. Oops. Lol. I guess that’s what happens when you binge watch TV and get relaxed while crocheting.

Prices may vary $10 depending on the type of yarn but these are the standard prices with cotton yarn.

These are 35 inches long before the fringe is added. I can shorten it if you’d like.
S/M (bust size: 48″) – $55
L/XL (bust size: 58″)- $60
2X/3X (bust size: 68″)- $65

Shipping is $6 flat rate.

Contact me and we can talk about different colors and find the perfect yarn for you. Order today so you can have many summer days wearing this beauty.

If anyone would like to purchase this pattern you can find it on Ravelry. Denimade also has a coupon code for $2 off.

She is offering $2 OFF on the Kaia Kimono pattern, so grab some yarn, your hook and create this free-spirited, feminine kimono to wear year-round!

• Enter code KAIAPROMO at checkout to receive your discount.

• The promo code can only be used once per customer, but feel free to share the offer.

• Promo ends Monday, June 11th, 2018 at 11:59 PM (EST).

Visit our Ravelry shop to get your copy of the Kaia Kimono pattern!

And if you aren’t into crocheting and would like me to make you one just contact me. Please subscribe to my posts so you don’t miss out on anything and feel free to pin or share. I’d be forever grateful!!

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