Custom orders and more!

I love it when I get custom orders from people. The whole process is exciting. I get the initial message saying “hey, can you make this?”. It’s usually got a link to go with it. I say “sure, all I need is your choice of colors”. Then it just goes from there. The most exciting part of it all is hearing the stories behind why they want me to make something. Here are two of my recent orders.

This is a Wonder Woman doll made for a really brave little girl. She’s just a few months old and is still in the hospital fighting for her life. She’s been through so much and is so strong. She is Wonder Woman to her family. This little girl really is amazing. I’ve never even met her and I love her!!

And then we have the truck. A former classmate of mine asked me to make a Geo Tracker for a baby boy that will be born soon. His dad sells trucks, particularly Geo Trackers, and she wanted something to fit in the family. This truck took A LOT of time and I love it so much. Now that I’ve made it, I can see myself making many more. They’re so cute! Don’t you think?

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