Crochet Ballet Slippers and Non Slip Soles!

How’s everyone doing? Things have been quiet around here but I’ve been busy behind the scenes. I have been making slippers and reading. I got hooked on a really good book and couldn’t put it down. We’ll talk about that later though. So, can I just tell you how awesome these slippers are?

They’re amazing!!! Just check them out!

I got the pattern over at Heart Hook Home. She’s got a pattern for regular worsted weight yarn and chunky yarn for teen/women. And then she’s got a pattern for men in chunky yarn. You can alter this pattern for any size foot that you need to. All you do is repeat one of the rows until the desired length. It’s super easy and work up great. I’ve made EIGHT pairs already and making more. They’re really popular during the cold months.

I’m currently working on finding the technique I like best on making them non-slip. I couldn’t decide between Plasti Dip and Tulip Puffy paint so I’m trying them both out.

I knew I wanted the bottoms to have dots so I’ve got a small swatch drying for the next few hours to see which one turns out better. I’m not for sure but I have a feeling that the Plasti Dip (on the left) is going to be what I use for my slippers.

I’m the meantime, you can find these over on my product page if you’d like to purchase a set from me. They would make great gifts and keep your feet extremely warm. There are different prices for different yarn and then I have a special price for a His & Her set. You save $2 when you buy the set. As you can see, the men’s set is solid on top and the women’s set has the v-shape on top. These are made with chunky yarn.

Now, let’s talk about the book I’ve been reading.

Has anyone else read this book? What did you think about it? I think it’s a really good good book about the end of the world. It fits right in with the other post apocalyptic and dystopian books I love. Instead of crocheting at night, I’ve been relaxing and reading. I really want to be finishing it right now but decided I should be typing up this post instead. I am almost done with it!! I can not wait for the next one to come out.

Until next time!

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