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Busy with Vinyl

Things have been very busy here. Who knew you could do so much with a Cricut and some vinyl? I’m still learning something new about my Cricut every day and I didn’t know just how busy I would become.

It all started when I bought some buckets and water bottles to add some names to. I figured I’d sell a few to make a bit of extra cash and then it exploded! Haha. The water bottles have been such a huge hit, everyone wants one. Here are a few I’ve made recently.

I’ve also made a ton of baskets. Most have been Easter baskets but with normal designs. Nobody wants the Easter designs but I don’t blame. I’d like to keep them out all year if I could. They make great storage. I’ve done dinosaurs, flowers, soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, Fortnite.

I also got the pleasure of making a storage bin for a baby shower gift. They are doing the book for a baby theme so I made a bucket that said Chamille’s 1st Library. Her mom is doing her room in gold stars so that’s what we went with. How adorable is this bucket? I can’t wait to see it filled with books.

I even made three sets of the outdoor game Yardzee. I had three but one of them is a different kind of bucket. These were a huge hit.

But, of course, the most popular of all is the decals. People love to decorate things to add their own personal taste to things. Cars, laptops, water bottles, walls, etc….

There’s just so much you can do with vinyl! What are some things you love seeing made with vinyl?

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