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The Life Of A Crocheter

Crocheters often get their personal lives mixed in with their business lives. Most of us run our businesses from our homes and our family is there more than not. People are seen and heard in videos and photos. If you see a photo of ourselves, I can guarantee someone else in the house took that photo and it took 20 minutes to get ONE good photo out of two dozen taken and many of those are of us with our mouths distorted from trying to tell the person what to do. We don’t get to just sit down and work uninterrupted. If you were to ask what a crochet business owner does in her or his spare time you would probably get the answer, “I crochet”. And they are completely right. The question that people should be asking is “What do you do while you crochet? Do you listen to audio books, podcasts, watch TV?” You will get a list of the same answers from each of us but the details vary. Let me tell you what I do.

I listen to audio books, podcasts, and stream the same five movies over and over again. And before you come at me with the audiobooks aren’t books nonsense, YES THEY ARE. So, let’s start with movies. I’m being completely serious when I tell you that I watch the same five movies over and over again. They are listed here in no certain order.

  • Twister
  • Coraline
  • Moana
  • The Stand
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

It helps me to watch the same things over and over again when I am working on something that needs my concentration. I can hear what’s going on and I know what’s coming next so there’s no need for me to look up.

Podcasts are great when I’m working on mindless projects. If I’m using the same repetitive stitches , I’m good with podcasts. I can’t watch TV though because then my eyesight shifts to the TV and a 30 minute project becomes a 2 hour project. I’m currently listening to The Korean Vegan Podcast. I know Joanne Molinaro is a bestselling author but I haven’t looked into her writing yet. I picked up her podcast last year when she was recommended to me from a friend and I loved her style immediately. I don’t know what it is about Joanne, but she makes me feel better.

Audiobooks are good when I’m working on Amigurumi. I know the sequence of the crochet rounds enough that I don’t need to keep track so carefully. That makes it easier for me to focus on the book a bit more. My book challenge this year is a bit different than all the other years. Instead of a goal number of books I want to read this year, I chose 12 specific books that my friends really liked. I wanted to get to know my friends a bit more and they did not disappoint. I took the recommendation list and came up with the challenge below.

I am starting off January with Fairy Tale by Stephen King. I got his book for Christmas but I also downloaded the audiobook. With business picking up the way it is, I just don’t have the downtime I used to anymore to read a paper book. I am currently on chapter five and really enjoying it so far. We’ll see how it goes. If you’d like to join me in my reading journey this year, look me up on FB. I’ll discuss the book with you guys in my FB group.

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