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Marketing Tools That Will Help You!


About this time before each event I have to remind myself that I need to sit down and BREATHE. Relax! Things have been super busy around here that I often neglect every other aspect of my life.

Even though this event is no different, it has gone in a weird direction for me. Back in December, I decided to go all in with my crochet business, Manda’s Crafty Corner. It’s not all about just creating and making crochet items anymore. I am now hustling to get my name, face and items seen in the world.

That leads me to market, market, market!!! You need marketing material to send with potential customers so they don’t forget about you. I spent hours searching the cheapest place for business cards and then bought 1,000 of them. And not two months later, I needed to change the info and I wasted about half of those cards.

Then I learned that marketing materials do NOT need to be expensive. In fact, I spent $13 on my current marketing line and that was for my subscription with Canva. I already had the printer and heavier paper since I use both for many other reasons so I didn’t need to buy anything extra. So let’s get to it.

Business Cards

Business cards have evolved over the years and they are looking amazing. They can be any size you like. I chose the standard size which is 2” x 3.5” and I kept it very basic. Transparent background, black lettering and then my logo.

QR Shop Code

This code takes my customers directly to the shop page on my website. No navigation needed. It’s 3” x 4” and has my business colors on it, which I have saved as part of my logo brand on Canva but we’ll get to that later. I am so in love with this QR Code. Everyone who walks by will be getting one of these papers. People are curious creatures by habit so they will check to see what’s on the other end.

Thank You Cards

These are 3”x3” cards that go in every bag with products people have bought. Small business owners thrive on reviews. It’s how we survive. Please leave a review whenever you can. It can literally make or break someone’s business.

Sign Up Sheet

Everyone needs a sign up sheet at their table. Anyone who is signed up for my newsletter gets better discounts and deals than the general public. You definitely need to take care of your people.

If there’s one thing you may or may not have noticed is the fonts. Every item has the same fonts. I have created my logo brand to have five colors (three standard and two fill in colors) and three fonts (one in all caps, one cursive and one regular). Consistency is key! People will start to recognize you just by colors alone.

I can not recommend making yourself a branding board enough. It’s fun and very beneficial for many reasons. It keeps things flowing, you aren’t spending hours choosing fonts or colors for each item, and people will recognize you.

I hope this was beneficial to you. Let me know if you have any questions. You can ask here or find me on FB or IG.

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  • Michelle A Risner

    I love your purpose of “bringing crochet back one stitch at a time”. What a great article about branding! 🙂 <3

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