Petal Dish Scrub… a free crochet pattern

Dish scrubs do not get the attention they deserve. If you live in a homesteading community, you know how popular they are. Apparently, I did not know….

I started making dish scrubs for my local apothecary a few short months ago when the owner started making dish soap. I had no idea how popular the scrubs would be until she placed a BULK order from me. That led me to think about how I really should have my own pattern in her store, one that reflected more of my style. So, let me introduce the Petal Dish Scrub.

This pattern included instructions on how to make a single layer dish scrub and then a deluxe dish scrub by attaching two single layer scrubs together.

Materials needed:
I hook (5.5mm)
Yarn needle
Yarn Bee Scrub-Ology Scrub It! yarn (Hobby Lobby)

MC: Magic Circle
SL ST: Slip Stitch
Ch: Chain
HDC: Half Double Crochet
DC: Double Crochet

CH 1 does not count as a stitch


Regular Dish Scrub:

Round 1: Start with a Magic Circle. 8 HDC into the MC. Join to first HDC with a SL ST. Ch 1
Round 2: HDC INC in each stitch across. Join to first HDC with a SL ST. Ch 1
Round 3: HDC, HDC INC across. Join to first HDC with a SL ST.
Round 4: Skip the first two stitches. *HDC, 2 DC, HDC in next stitch. Skip next stitch, SL ST in next stitch, skip next stitch.* Repeat from * to * five times. SL ST into the same SL ST you made at the beginning of the round.
Tie off and weave in ends.

For Deluxe Dish Scrub:

Make 2 regular dish scrubs but do NOT place the last slip stitch on the second scrub. Make sure you tie off and weave in the ends of the first scrub and the middle section of the second scrub. Place both scrubs back to back.
SL ST into the first SL ST you made at the beginning of the round of your second scrub and into any SL ST stitch of the last round of your first scrub.* SC into the next 4 stitches of both scrubs. SL ST into the next stitch (it will be the slip stitch stitch from the previous round) of both scrubs. * Repeat from * to * across, ending the repeat with a SL ST into the first SL ST you made.
Tie off and weave in ends

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