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Christmas is coming…

Does anyone else get this overwhelming feeling when you realize that Christmas is only 5 days away?

I was definitely feeling the strain for about four weeks. I usually have my ducks in a row and everything done by Halloween but I didn’t even start my shopping until the second week of Nov. I just finished up buying presents on Saturday and wrapped ALL of the presents on Friday. It was definitely a struggle. LOL

But, can we talk about crocheting for a bit? I decided I wanted new stockings this year and instead of buying them on Amazon for $20 a set, I started crocheting stockings for the family. I wanted them to look a bit rustic and match. I did really well with the first three but then my wrist started hurting. Ugh.. Between the double strands and tight stitches, I was struggling.

I did finally get mine finished today though and now they’re all hanging up on my mantle looking adorable as ever. I have decided that the Winter Braid Stocking pattern is the best design around.

Ok, so you can find this pattern over on Etsy. I highly recommend her pattern. The combination of stitches give it the amazing texture that a stocking should have.

The only thing that I changed on the pattern was the top. I did three rows of double crochet stitches. I folded them down and then added the handle up top. It was ten rows of 3 double crochet stitches.

I hope you guys like my stockings. Don’t forget to get your copy of the pattern from Sheepish Stitches over on Etsy.

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