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Velvet hair scrunchies.. and migraines.

Hey everyone. I know it’s been a long while since you’ve seen me on here and I’m sorry for that. Things have been super busy with summer wrapping up and then school and co-op starting. I’m also having more migraines than normal lately. I’m trying real hard not to have to take my preventative meds again but we’ll see…

I want to talk about crochet velvet hair scrunchies. I’m a little late getting on that band wagon because I just didn’t know if it was going to be something I wanted to make or if they even worked. Let me tell you, they work. And they’re pretty awesome if you are prone to get headaches like me.

I don’t like hair scrunchies because I have to make them tight to hold my hair and then they pull. That’s when I start to get my headaches. I usually keep my hair short for this reason only but I miss my long hair. With these scrunchies, I only have to twist around once. The velvet texture of the yarn clings to my hair so it doesn’t get loose or fall out. I was twisting my scrunchies around twice before I made these just to get them to stay.

You can see how loose this scrunchie is but it’s holding my hair in place. This is definitely a game changer for all of us migraine sufferers. No more hair pulling! These are so much better for your hair and the tension on your head. I think these could benefit everyone, not just migraine sufferers. And let’s not forget to add that these are the cutest scrunchies to wear on your wrist. I’m hoping to go buy more colors very soon.

I got my pattern from DeniMade over on Ravelry. It is a free download so go grab it if you know how to crochet. I recommend using this pattern because it’s really easy to use. It uses 23 yards of the Lion Brand Vel-Luxe and only 16 of the Bernat Velvet. Denimade’s patterns are so easy to follow. She’s got her patterns down to an art. They’re just beautiful. Once you make one of her patterns, you’ll have a hard time making anyone else’s patterns. But, if you don’t crochet, I am more than happy to make some for you. These would make great gifts for any person with long hair who likes to wear it up. They are $4 each or 3/$10. You can find me on FB at @mandascraftycorner. You can also msg me here or leave a comment.